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The data that you now see represents the 2018 Tentative Assessment Roll.  

Please find the 2018 Tentative and Final Assessment Roll at the Warren County website:

The NEW STAR Program information can be found at or (518) 457-2036. The assessor's office is not involved with this process; we only handle STAR exemptions existing prior to 2016 and renewals of Enhanced STAR, and this process is not changing. Those who get the Enhanced STAR do not need to do anything with NY state, the same process that you have followed in the past will continue. Any questions about the new STAR application/renewal process can be directed to (518) 457-2036 or the website link above.



Assessor Information

Tina Dimitriadis, Assessor

42 Ridge St.

Glens Falls, NY 12801

Phone: 518 761-3807 x1

Fax: 518 743-0708


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